Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Plot Thickens

As the postseason fast approaches, there's new developments daily in the race for the final postseason spots. Most of them involving teams dropping out of contention, but a few involve a narrowing of the gap between playoff inclusion or exclusion.

Below are the current standings along with the Sat to Sat 3/22-3/29 records of the teams that have been gunning for the final playoff positions.

* Standings shown as of Sun Mar 30.

Eastern Conference:
7. Philadelphia- 3-0-1
8. Boston- 3-0-1
3. Carolina- 1-0-1
9. Washington- 3-0-0: 2 points out

So... we're down to the final week and both Buffalo and Florida have dropped out of contention (Florida officially and Buffalo for all intents and purposes), but Washington is continuing to charge hard.

Fascinating thing that has happened in the East is that as Washington won their last 4 games (all on the road), Carolina has come within reach... setting up a monster game Tuesday night at home against the Hurricanes. Assuming Boston and Philly continue to play well, this could determine the division winner (with 2nd place being left out entirely).

Western Conference:
7. Colorado- 3-1-0
8. Vancouver- 0-3-0
8. Nashville- 3-0-0: 2 points out
8. Edmonton- 3-1-1: 3 points out

Obviously a lot to still be decided in the West with three teams tied for the final playoff spot (Colorado is probably safe as they're 4 points up on the pack). Edmonton is at a disadvantage in that they have 2 few games left that Vancouver or Nashville (2 vs 4), but should they get 2 points against Calgary on Tuesday, it could set up a big game Thursday night in Vancouver.

Nashville still seems to be in the best position for the 8 spot given that while the Northwest division teams will continue beating up up on each other, the Preds finish with a home and home vs St. Louis and then visit the Blackhawks for their last game.

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