Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sharks Win Sharks Win

Goodness gracious, nice win by the Sharkies over Nashville. What's important about this one wasn't at all the points gained in the standings (one has to question whether the Sharks would be better or worse with home ice in the playoffs), but how they played considering the circumstances of the game.

Here's the circumstance (represented by the Western Conference Standings):
Team / Points
1. Detroit - 98
2. San Jose - 90
3. Calgary - 82
4. Dallas - 89
5. Anaheim - 85
6. Colorado - 82
7. Minnesota - 81
8. Vancouver - 80
9. Nashville - 78

Think Nashville really wanted this game? Yup... I reckon they did.

Now, look at the shots on goal (a "pretty good" indicator of how a game was played):
San Jose - 42 shots on goal
Nashville - 27 shots on goal

Yikes. You could say that Nashville should have been more desperate and put out a better effort, but I'd say you'd be wrong... the Sharks really did play that well. It was only some exceptional goaltending by Dan Ellis that kept the Predators close. Good stuff.

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Alan said...

When looking at shots on goal as an indicator of who played well, you really do have to see the game. In past years when the Sharks really weren't very good, they outshot their opponent many times. Unfortunately, that was because the Sharks had fallen behind early and, while the Sharks were taking poor percentage shots that counted as shots, the opposing team was just dumping the puck and taking time off of the clock.

While I did not see last night's game on TV, I would surmise that the Sharks kept pressing for quality chances because the score was so close. Meanwhile, Nashville had trouble getting shots because the Sharks were tenacious on defense.

Great to see the Sharks rack up a record like this in February/March, as we know that they always have to leave home during February because of the SAP Tennis Tournament.

Hope this bodes well for the playoffs . . . and yes, I'll take home ice advantage for the playoffs!