Saturday, March 8, 2008

Canadians Sure Do Like Their Hockey

Saturday... for most people in the U.S. it's a great day... first day of the weekend, a chance to relax, a chance to get nutty, and an all around good time.

Canadian folk can of course share all of those same thoughts on the day, but between the months of September and June (wow, the NHL season sure is long) they have something else to look forward to each Saturday... "Hockey Night in Canada."

It's not that us Americans with NHL Centre Ice can't watch as well, but rather the symbolic difference brought to you be broadcast television... they've got "HNIC", we've got "Football Night in America." In short, hockey just isn't as big of a deal here as it is north of the border (makes me wonder why the NHL thinks it better to have a team in the hockey hotbed of Nashville, TN rather than Hamilton, ON, but that's a topic in and of itself).

In the immortal words of N.D., I say of the Canucks (all Canadians, not just the professional mens Ice Hockey players in Vancouver) "Lucky."

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