Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wicked Cool Arena

Not much original content here, but the below paragraphs (from the slightly further below website) describe what is pretty universally acknowledged as the coolest new arena in the NHL.

"There are monuments to hockey everywhere. In the second level of the arena (parts of which is very visible before you even enter the arena) contains jerseys from every high school team in the state and some that don’t exist any more. (For example, Monroe, a St. Paul school that closed in 1977, has a jersey in a prominent place as you enter from the south.)

There are old arena pictures on all levels, flags with hockey history written on them, a tribute to college hockey’s Hobey Baker and Patty Kazmaier winners (the male and female puck equivalent of the Heisman) and a Wall of Fame where those who have played at Xcel on and off the ice signed a puck."


Sounds so very cool...

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Alan said...

Great article on arenas. I wish some of the other arena's had as detailed of a description as Xcel's did. I do know that there is no place to eat around Chicago's United Center. I've also been enjoying Nationwide Arena (Columbus Blue Jackets). They have a practice rink right there at Nationwide that the kids and adult teams play on also. If you are at a Blue Jacket game, you can see the practice ice from the concourse. My team got to play there for our last 3 games. Very nice ice when we were there.