Thursday, April 3, 2008

Approaching the Wire

Some interesting developments since Sunday night... we've seen Buffalo officially change from playoff contender to pretender, Washington charging hard, but still needing someone to lose a game and Nashville go a leg up on Vancouver.

Things are getting to the point now of looking ahead to the few remaining games to see what might happen. Below are the bubble (not in, but not out of the playoffs) standings as of Thurs Apr 3 during the Vancouver-Edmonton game along with the key Friday night games.

Eastern Conference standings:
3. Carolina- 92 points. 1 game left.
6. Ottawa- 94 points. 1 game left.
7. Boston- 92 points. 2 games left.
8. Washington- 92 points. 1 game left.
9. Philadelphia- 91 points. 2 games left.

Eastern Conference Friday night games:
Florida at Carolina- win and they're in for Carolina. lose and they're likely done.
New Jersey at Philadelphia- lose and Philly is probably out.
Boston at Ottawa- big for both teams. Most likely win and in, lose and... questionable.

Western Conference Standings:
7. Calgary- 92 points. 2 games left.
8. Nashville - 91 points. 1 game left.
9. Vancouver- 88 points. 2 games left... 1 ongoing vs Edmonton.

Western Conference Friday night games:
Nashville at Chicago... may not be neeed for Nashville as Edmonton is up 2-0 after 2 on the Couv.

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