Friday, April 18, 2008

Round One Predictions - Revisited

Let's take a point in time look at how the first round matchups (and predicted outcomes) have played out thus far... keeping in mind that for many teams, "they're not dead yet."

Western Conference:

Nashville at Detroit: A Red Wing victory was forecasted due to sheer firepower. Said firepower has certainly been in evidence, but has been met by absolutely stellar goaltending from Predators netminder Dan Ellis. Series is now three games to two for Detroit, and it "looks like" they'll come out on top.

Calgary at San Jose: Predicted to be a tough test for the Sharks with a dollop of fortitude being required to advance past the Flames. Well, the tough test has certainly been put to San Jose, and thanks in large part to the man with the C, Patrick Marleau, the Sharks have a three-two series lead with a chance to close things out on Sunday.

Colorado at Minnesota: An interesting series in that it was tough to know what to make of it beforehand and still tough to know five games in. This much is known... Colorado is up three games to two going back to Denver for game six.

Dallas at Anaheim: Wild stuff... not the Minnesota Wild type, but the "who would have thunk it?" type. Has been an extremely bruising series as expected, but Dallas has played their way into a three games to one lead primarily by converting on the power play more times than Anaheim. Most of the time a team goes up three-one, they come out victorious, but you can't count out last years champs until it's officially over.

Eastern Conference:

Boston at Montreal: Les Canadiens labeled as the more skilled team, but predicted to go up against a very gritty BB lineup. Pretty much how things have played out with Montreal going up three games to one, but Boston then winning to send it back to Beantown with them down 3-2 in the series. Anything's possible, but I think Montreal is too good to blow this one.

Ottawa at Pittsburgh: And I quote... "this series might be over before it really begins." Final score, Penguins 4 games-Senators 0.

Philadelphia at Washington: Predicted to be an incredibly nasty series with the Flyers goons running at the Caps. No question about this as Cristobal Huet has been run into all series long, but one surprise out of the series has been Philly's ability to stifle (with the huge exception of his brilliant goal to win game one) Alexander Ovechkin. Result of all this has been a three games to one Flyers lead.

New York Rangers at New Jersey: Another series tough to predict going in. Well, no need for further predictions... it's all over including the crying as the Devils were beaten earlier today, knocking them out four games to one.

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Alan said...

Ahh, the NHL playoffs. Where anything is possible and something unusual usually happens. I did not see a Game 7 in the Montreal/Boston series. I was also off on the Colorado/Minnesota series, but I didn't have a clear idea of who I thought was the better team. I was hoping for them to go back to Minnesota for Game 7, but that is not to be. Finally, the Anaheim/Dallas series has been an eye-opener for me. I expected Anaheim to not have too much trouble here. However, they've got all they can handle. It's still not over, but I can't help but wonder what happened to Anaheim. Although, I do get some enjoyment from knowing some players came "out of retirement" late in the season so they could be fresh for the playoffs. They could be fresh for golf if they don't win these last two.