Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Item Needed: Intensity... In a Teal Sweater

Annoying one to watch in San Jose tonight. The Sharks appeared the more skilled team, but the Flames simply seemed to want the victory more. San Jose had flurries of passion (final minute as an example), but not in prolonged enough stretches to deserve the win.

Good thing to take out of this game is that it's only one game and assuming a more focused effort tomorrow night, the Sharks should be ok. Granted, it's cliche to make this point, but adversity such as this will reveal exactly who the Sharks are in this postseason.

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Alan said...

I agree with you. It looked the same on TV. The Sharks looked like they were trying not to make a mistake and the Flames just kept going and getting to the pucks first. That only changed during the least few minutes when the Sharks played desperate.

The one word I would use is that the Sharks did not play with "confidence". Here's hoping for a better effort tonight.