Thursday, January 22, 2009

College Football Recruiting by Location from CNNSI

True, it's not hockey related, but Andy Staples' "State of Recruiting" article from is interesting enough to warrant mention here.

The piece looks at college football recruiting trends over the last four years by the "BCS Conferences School"... specifically where the athletes grew up. What's revealed is that some schools (University of Texas) are good enough and come from a fertile enough recruiting ground to stay in-state and some schools (Nebraska) have to recruit out of state to be successful. At the same time you have USC and Florida who are good enough to both get some of the best in-state athletes as well as poach from elsewhere.

The article itself has some really interesting conclusions made from it, but the most fascinating thing is the Google Maps application featured in it. Clicking on the map gives you the ability to see where players over the last four seasons where recruited from either (A) by position, (B) by conference, (C) by state or (D) by school. Yep... by school is I'd say the most interesting view.

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