Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Lots of interesting stuff in the playoffs thus far...

Western Conference

Detroit def. Phoenix 4-0 - Goodness gracious, the Wings looked solid.

San Jose def. Los Angeles 4-2 - As a Sharks fan, I'm of course glad they won, but didn't see much to inspire confidence going into the later rounds. Very interesting piece Sharks-Kings piece on shooting at a goalie's pads from Puck Daddy at Yahoo Sports.

Nashville def. Anaheim 4-2 - Always happy to see Anaheim lose, but I have a hard time being sold on the Preds chances.

Chicago & Vancouver 3-3 - What a series... great players, panicked coaches (well, Vancouver coach), potential monster comeback from 3-0. It's been fantastic viewing.

Eastern Conference

Washington def. New York Rangers 4-1 - Heck of a team those Capitals are.

Boston leading Montreal 3-2 - I think the Canadiens cooked, but not overly impressed with the Bruins.

Pittsburgh & Tampa Bay 3-3 - Really good series... regardless of who wins, I think it would be tough sledding if a matchup with Washington awaits. Now, either Boston or Montreal... could be a different story.

Philadelphia & Buffalo 3-3 - Another good series, but not sure that it would be if the Flyers were able to get decent goaltending. To that point, amazed that Sergey Bobrovsky didn't even warrant a backup goalie spot for games 3-6 of the series.

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