Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Sports Jobs with Junior Seau" on Versus

It's not a hockey-centric show, but for those that haven't seen it, I recommend checking out "Sports Jobs with Junior Seau" on Versus (keeping in mind of course how many people don't get the channel).

The concept has Seau spending each half hour episode working behind the scenes in various jobs within sports. Episodes I've seen thus far had him working construction on the new Meadowlands NFL stadium, being an LA Dodgers ballboy and most recently a Washington Capitals equipment manager.

Here's the URL to the Versus microsite on "Sports Jobs" and video clips can be viewed by going to the page for each episode.

Seau himself may not be the most polished show host, but his history as an NFL all-pro probably also gives him a level of respect and access that someone else wouldn't have in doing this show.

Pretty entertaining stuff for any sports fan who likes this type of behind the scenes view.

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