Tuesday, May 12, 2009

NHL League Management

It's a shame to be doing a post like this during the midst of such great second round series (Caps-Pens Game 7, anyone?), but... this is lame. I really wish the league could be better run.

Exhibit A: non-suspension of Carolina Hurricanes forward Scott Walker.

The video of the incident that in the mind of the officials earned an automatic one game is below and a really good commentary piece from Jim Kelly at CNNSI can be found here.

Exhibit B: Game 5 of the Ducks-Red Wings series NOT ON NATIONAL TV.

Very bizarre and for a description of why (well, not really as there is no good reason why, but for the facts), look about halfway down this post from Greg Wyshynski as Puck Daddy on Yahoo! Sports.

I suppose exhibit C could easily be the Coyotes move/no move, NHL running/not running soap opera, but since the facts are yet to come out in court, I'll simply say that they... never should have left Winnipeg.

Hockey... a great sport. The NHL... it's top professional league. Oh well.

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Alan Mello said...

It serves the NHL right that Walker, of the not-suspended type, would score the overtime, game winner in Game 7. The NHL is run on such a case-by-case basis without using past cases as their basis (unless it happens to support their opinion). I'm a bit ashamed of being an NHL fan when things like this happen.