Saturday, February 28, 2009

San Jose at Montreal - Sat Feb 28: "He Shoots... He Almost Scores"

Well, the Sharks went into "this city is hockey" (written about on this blog last month) and did everything except for win Sat night. After a fast start, they then yet again figured out how to allow the first goal on the road (power play goal no less) and proceeded to allow two more 1st period goals for good measure.

They woke up in the 2nd with two fast goals and a ringing post shot just after. Beyond this... lots of chances with no more goals.

Shouldn't feel bad about the effort and I like the start of Boucher just to remind Nabokov that he's got to earn his #1 spot. One thing I do wonder is whether Claude Lemieux is really accomplishing anything that any number of rookies couldn't bring to the same roster spot. Me thinks once Torrey Mitchell is back, it might be tough to keep Messer Lemieux with the big club.

We'll see, though and it's likely to be entertaining.

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