Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Why Good Teams Fight" from SI: & How Bad Players Fight... Riley Cote vs Eric Godard

During the time I've been a Sports Illustrated reader, they've never been known for their love of hockey and I guess them having "Why Good Teams Fight" as their lead article for the NHL preview shows their feeling for the subtleties of the game.

That having been said, it is actually an interesting read with some fascinating contrasting done between the last two teams to win the Cup... Detroit who rarely fights and Anaheim who fights pretty much every game.

Also, of great entertainment value from the article is the quote (by an unnamed opponent) about Philadelphia Flyers winger/fighter Riley Cote... "(He) doesn't even realize there's a puck on the ice."

That's good stuff and below is quite the donnybrook from Tuesday with Eric Godard of the Penguins up against the aforementioned pugilist.

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Anonymous said...

"(He) doesn't even realize there's a puck on the ice"... Now thats funny.

You dont see those kind of fights in minor league hockey in regards to the Aces. But they do honor the unwritten rule of hockey...

What do you think of the enforcement of modern day hockey compared to the olden days? I love to anticipate retaliated enforcement when it is warranted. As well as retaliation in MLB pitching.

I always love telling people that fighting is w/in the rules of hockey and that it is the only sport (w/ exception to fighting sports) that ALLOWS fighting.

Peter Pickett
Anchorage, Alaska