Monday, May 5, 2008

The Four Games in a Row Problem: In Action

Such a shame... the San Jose Sharks now eliminated from the 2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

You can't say it was for a lack of heart in the decisive game 6, but rather problems that took place prior to that. As previously discussed, anytime you're up against a good opponent (of which Dallas certainly is), it's going to be difficult to get the breaks and bounces needed to win four games in a row.

Where the Sharks really lost the series was not in the 4th OT of an epic battle in Dallas, but in games 2 and 3 where they gave up 3rd period leads... and then went on to lose each game. In fact, the Stars provided an excellent counterpoint example of what should be done... they had a game 6 3rd period lead against the Sharks, gave up the tying goal, and then played just as hard as ever and eventually won. Had San Jose brought this same type of effort after allowing the tying goal in games 2 and 3, they likely would have won one of them and now be headed back home for game 7 Tuesday night.

Instead, it's all over. Watching Dallas play, I'm not 100% convinced the Sharks were better than Dallas and would have won that game 7, but I would have liked to see them have the chance. The Sharks simply played their way into a hole ("the four games in a row problem") too deep to climb out of.

Posted tomorrow will be the (sometimes expectant, sometimes sad) recap of what's been written here about the Sharks this postseason...

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